The Ultimate Tuscan Cuisine Cooking Book

Tuscan Cuisine is world-famous for its utilization of fresh produce grown in the undulating Tuscan hills bathed in the famed Tuscan sun, to create dishes found on tables around the world: Bruschetta, Crostini, hearty soups such as Minestrone, various pastas and sauces such as Ravioli and Meat Ragù, mains of succulent meat dishes including Ossobuco and even Orange Duck which originated right here in Tuscany.
But nothing tops the fantastic desserts such as Tiramisù, Apple Cake, Pannacotta, Ricotta cake and Gelato, which all originated in Tuscany.
The International Food and Wine Association, in their plight to bring the health benefits and pleasure of dining on good food to tables around the world, have brought together a range of culinary experts to produce a comprehensive cook book on traditional Tuscan food.
The result is The Good Tastes of Tuscany cookbook, written in English, and showcasing all the traditional and popular recipes of Tuscany.
The history of cuisine in Tuscany dates back thousands of years, with some recipes remaining virtually unchanged to this day. The Tuscan recipe Cook Book combines dishes passed through the ages, have been presented to IFWA from a variety of internationally acclaimed local chefs.
The idea is that each of these recipes can be kept alive through future generations, being cooked again in kitchens around the world and shared as they have with generations throughout the thousands of years since some of these recipes originated.

Each recipe has been thoroughly tested at the IFWA-associated cooking school. Novice cooks through to professional chefs alike have prepared and dined on each of the recipes in the book, and attest to the deliciousness of results as well as the simplicity of preparation.
For those who want to have the ultimate in cooking experiences, The Good Tastes of Tuscany cookbook is given complimentary to all IFWA members who register for single-day and 7-day cooking classes. These cooking classes are always a source of learning fantastic recipes in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere in a professional kitchen. With the skills learned in the cooking classes, the cookbook thus serves as a lasting reminder of your time in Tuscany.
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Mrs & Mr Martin

We have made the Tuscan pork, pear risotto, pizza with sauce, estrucean chicken since our arrival back home. The recipe book is working fine for me but I am an experienced cook. Even my husband is continuing to help cook-a really great benefit and fun.
We will send pictures as soon as we get a chance, we have many of us all cooking. It was great fun and we enjoyed the different experiences, people, chefs, tours and the staff. Truly, I would not change anything. I really would like to be able to purchase a case of the villa wine and 6 bottles of the new production of olive oil. Can you help me with this? It’s the only wine my husband really likes, is the wine we had in Italy!
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Hello! We took the cooking class in October and I have now had a chance to practice many times. Our teaching chef, Simone, was great. He answered all our questions (including some general cooking ones) and gave us great tips and suggestions. Bruschetta Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli Peposo Tiramisu Ricotta Cake
I had to adapt the basic pasta recipe for life in a very dry climate. I found another recipe that recommended adding 1 tbsp of olive oil for 100 g flour and 1 egg and that worked very well.
I have prepared two multi course feasts featuring recipes I have learned to great fanfare, which is nice because before this I wasn’t a very accomplished

S McGregor

The cookbook has been hugely helpful and I have made many of the dishes for family and friends, including many that we weren’t taught during the 3 day course I attended. In fact, the meals have been so successful that I have begun hosting “lessons” with friends, teaching them some of the great dishes the chef taught us! I recently held a Sunday lunch for my friends relatives who are all Italian and they were very impressed….All credit to your wonderful chef and his tips and techniques! Many thanks to you all and especially the chef for a fabulous cooking course, it was such a fun, entertaining and informative three days!!!!
I have attached some photos that you can use on your website if you would like to.
Warm regards